Supplemental Terms


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    This Microsite is intended as a destination to retrieve information relating to (a) open positions across SCI portfolio and non-portfolio companies; (b) a list of initiatives from portfolio companies around combating Covid-19, with contact links where applicable; (c) a link for companies that want to apply to and know more about the industry initiative, ACT (d) an FAQs/advice section that collates SCI videos, written responses etc; and (e) any other information (including any legal information) as the Sequoia Capital Entities may deem fit (collectively the “Information”).


    1. The Information is being compiled and provided free of any cost or consideration, and with the objective of making relevant information available quickly at a time of crisis. As such, it is provided “As-Is” and without any warranty whether express or implied. The Information may not be up-to-date, free from errors, authentic, comprehensive or accurate. It is also not intended to substitute or replace regulations, directions, information or guidance relating to COVID-19 or its economic, social and legal consequences put out by the Government of India or State Governments, Regulators including the Reserve Bank of India, and organizations including the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the International Monetary Fund.

    2. The Information will not constitute instructions from Sequoia Capital entities, and will not substitute professional, management, financial, legal, investment, regulatory or other advice. You should not act and refrain from acting on the basis of the Information without seeking such appropriate professional advice. We encourage you to seek additional information relevant to your organization or enterprise, exercise common prudence and good judgement before taking any actions. You will not have discharged your fiduciary, managerial, contractual or organizational obligations either to the Sequoia Capital Entities, your organizations or anyone else by acting, or refraining from acting, on the basis of any Information and you may not use the Information as the basis for any claim or defense against us or any Sequoia Capital Entities.

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    4. You have no expectation of, or right to, permanent and uninterrupted access to the Microsite or the Information. While we intend to provide the Information on the Microsite at all times, from time to time and without prior notice of downtime, access to the Microsite or the Information or to any part thereof may be suspended on either a temporary or permanent basis and either with respect to all or a certain class of users.